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It’s hotting up in Kampala, and none of us are quite sure where it’s headed. My first notification on Friday came from an American friend working near Nakasero market, who heard gunshots nearby. The security notifications came thick and fast after that. I was sitting on the balcony at work in a leafy suburb of Kampala, thinking, “trouble never comes here“, when I heard fireworks/firecrackers/gunshots. I opted for the latter, given the context, and observed vans, boda bodas (motorbikes) and large military vehicles with even larger guns rushing towards my neighbourhood. I carried on typing until my colleague Gilbert popped his head out after a new volley of gunshots and said tactfully,

“You don’t think you should, well, come inside? Seems a bit of a risky place to be sitting.”

Good point. I shuffled inside. I tried to stream the Royal Wedding online, but the gunshots were distracting and all that rioting interrupted my concentration – priorities, people!

The walk to work starts again tomorrow. Apparently, those people planning on walking can do so as long as they notify their local police.

Weather forecast: overcast with teargas and rubber bullets.


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